Week 12: Moving on Down

Two significant developments in my Recorder Universe this week, friends!

This post marks my 12th week of daily recorder playing, and my third lesson. My (amazing!) teacher has been patiently walking me through a discussion of Baroque ornamentation. My ignorance of accurate performance practice leaves me frustrated that modern saxophone editions have so often pre-ordained these choices for me. I have also been listening to/playing along with so much Frans Brüggen that now I think I am just copying his choices instead of understanding them. I have a wonderful assignment with one of the slow Handel sonata movements — to oversaturate it in different ways with French, then Italian and then German ornamentation styles. Not gonna be able to copy a Brüggen recording for that! We’ll see how it goes – perhaps my attempts will be the subject of a future post.

HOWEVER (drum roll, please……) the big news of the week is that I was notified on Tuesday that my Sabbatical application was accepted! Yes, friends, the opportunity for dedicated research time will be upon me beginning in January 2020. Why write about my sabbatical leave here in this recorder vlog, you ask? Well because the topic of my leave IS TO STUDY RECORDER FULL-TIME!! Peale the bells! Release the ticker tape! Have an ice cream sundae for dinner! You have no idea how excited I am for this opportunity. Considering I’ve been doggedly shoving my recorder practice into the 6-7am and 11-12pm hours since school started, the thought of having more dedicated, daily practice time makes me crazy-excited. Very thankful for the chance to take such a plunge, and pretty fired up to see how things develop in the year leading up to it!

All of this feels a bit like the cosmic-super-collider is shoving my “real life” a little bit closer to the Recorder Universe. That the college has validated my pursuit of a new performance endeavor is very meaningful to me. That I included a description of this vlog as a side-project in the sabbatical application (NO I DIDN’T?…….OH YES I DID!) is also meaningful. Loosely tying this vlog to a professional pursuit means several things: (First) I will continue to stubbornly cling to it (Second) I will have no choice but to raise the standard of quality! (Third, and most meaningful) It facilitates an earnest exploration of the benefits I suspect are inherent here, that may ultimately produce new ideas for how to use media in instrument pedagogy.  I’ve 14 months until #SABBATICAL2020, so extra fuel now to PLAY ON!


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