Week 9: Process not Product? (And the bounty of the Free Library!)


It was “back to school” week, and I’m here to report that I survived the first week of classes.

I managed to somehow squeeze everything in: daily recorder practice, class prep, teaching, and my new twice-weekly commute into center city Philadelphia (where I am teaching a class on the history of the city’s arts/culture/museum life). As a by-product of the latter, as this video explains, I discovered a bounty of recorder music at the Free Library of Philadelphia! You never know until you L@@K!!

This week’s video caused me a bit of grief! As I usually do, I posted this on my Facebook feed before making this post here. Well, someone out there in FB universe notified me that my music-making here was too sloppy for public consumption. In frustration and embarrassment, I deleted the post. [Then, if I recall correctly, I drowned my sorrows in a homemade banana split made at 11:30pm.]

After a few days of thought, however, I decided to still post here. This project, after all, is about a PROCESS rather than a PRODUCT. It aims to demonstrate incremental change over a long-term, flaws (and there are LOTS of them!) and all. This is where I am today, or at least where I was on Friday, August 31st, 2018. Thanks for watching and play on!

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