Recorder Week 7: Back-to-School

No, it’s not another van Eyck post, it’s a back-to-school post!

[aside #1 – I will discuss Anglicized pronunciation in a future post, however, I do want to say here that I recently learned it is perhaps correct to say “fahn-ECK” rather than the commonly-used-in-the-US “van-EYEk.”)

I think my sobriety in this post says it all, so I won’t write on at length here. By this time next week, I’ll be back in the classroom (as a teacher) and back in the practice room (as a recorder student)!

[aside #2 – I recorded this in the amazingly resonant lobby of the Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Center. Ambient reverb = <3!!]






Music here is #12. “d’Lof-zangh Marie” from Der Fluyten Lust-hof by Jacob van Eyck (1590-1657). (Winfried Michel and Hermien Teske, eds., Amadeus, 1984)

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